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Laziza Bombay Biryani Paste 330grams



With fresh Garlic and Ginger


Garlic, Ginger, Water, vegetable Oil, red Chilli, Salt, cardamoms, Coriander, Black Peppers, Cumin Seeds, Fenugreek Seeds, Acetic Acid (E-260), Mono Sodium Glutamate (E-621).

Product of Pakistan.

If there are any allergens in the ingredients they are marked as bold.


Recipe for Bombay Biryani:


• Meat (Beef, Mutton or Chicken) - 500g
• Basmati Rice soaked for 30 minutes - 500g
• Onions (medium sized finely sliced) - 5 (300g)
• Tomatoes medium sized (chopped) - 4-5 (300g)
• Potatoes medium sized (peeled and cut in 4 pcs) - 3-4 (250g)
• Yoghurt (beaten) - 1 cup (200g)
• Butter/Cooking Oil - 1 cup (200g)
• Laziza Bombay Biryani Paste - 4-5 tablespoons(110g)


• Fry onions till becomes golden. Put cut Tomatoes and fry till Oil/Ghee separates. Add Meat, Laziza Bombay Biryani Paste, Potatoes and Yoghurt, fry for 10-15 minutes.
• Add 1-2 glasses of Water, cover and cook on low flame till Meat is tender (in case of Chicken add only 1-2 cups of Water) now stir fry on high flame to make Masala thick and Ghee/Oil separates.
• Separately boil soaked Rice in 10 glasses of hot Water with 2-3 tablespoons of Salt till half tender. drain Water thoroughly.
• Form one layer of Rice Spread Meat Masala. Then form third layer on it with remaining Rice. Cover the lid and cook on low flame for simmering till Rice are fully cooked/tender. Mix thoroughly with flat spoon before serving.
• Serve with Fresh Salad and Rita.

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