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Rigel Acacia Hair Oil 200ml

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What is Acacia Oil?

Many people might not be familiar with the name Acacia. So, for apprehension, Acacia is the gum of a tree, namely Acacia Tree. Rich in dietary fiber and other nutrients, Acacia is a good source of dietary fiber if swallowed. Acacia Oil comes from the flowers grown on Acacia tree and is sold widely due to its measureless benefits.

It can give ideal health benefits!

Despite its massive benefits on hair, the oil has numerous health benefits, like the treatment of fever, cold, and tuberculosis. Other than that, it is also used in aromatherapy for relieving anxiety and stress. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties it holds makes it an ideal fit for healing wounds, reducing pain and, soothing a sore throat. Furthermore, it has dense useful effects in alleviating hypersensitivity, depression, and stress

Use Acacia Oil for Hair

The time is here to reawaken the health of your hair. Acacia Oil for Hair is primarily known to have refreshing and energizing effects on hair. This Oil has been used for hair care for many centuries due to its marvelous results.

Give strength to your hair: Coarse and brittle hair is the worst nightmare for anyone, and unfortunately, most of the time, it is a reality. It can make you uncomfortable while letting it open. This oil helps to soft and smooth your hair, makes shiny, and promotes hair growth.

Reduced hair loss: Stress can lead to unfortunate hair fall. But don’t worry if you have this oil as it prevents brittleness and breakage, leaving the hair strong and healthy.

It makes your hair lustrous and shiny: With the natural ingredients it holds, it makes the hair grow faster and bright and soft.

Prevents greying: Aging can be a stressing process. You can retain the youthful charm with Shikakai Oil for sure. For instance, you should apply this oil before applying hair dye to make it last longer.


Acacia Oil for Scalp

Just the way this oil provides miraculous results on the hair, the same way it does for your scalp. The cheaper treatment with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties makes your scalp clean and bacteria-free. From reducing dandruff to giving pleasant relaxation to your scalp, it imparts fantastic comforts.

  • For soothing your scalp, Acacia oil is a perfect fit. Just make a hair mask including Acacia Oil, Vitamin E oil, yogurt and amla, and massage deeply into hair to feel relaxed and healthy.
  • It gently treats the cuts and wounds on the scalp and heals it faster.
  • Dandruff is a crucial element of falling hair, Acaia Oil for scalp has proved to be effective in reducing dandruff and flakiness from the scalp.
  • By giving a good lice treatment, it removes lice from the scalp.

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