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Rigel Amla Hair Oil 200ml

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Life becomes more beautiful when you get that dream hair. Rigel herbal has been manufacturing hair oils for many ages and is proud to expose all fresh and pure oils. Rigel’s amla hair oil thickness is among the best hair nourishment oils. Packed with the all-natural goodness of nutrients, it not only nurtures your scalp but makes your hair strong, shiny, and healthy. It nurtures your hair in a way that it looks beautiful inside out all day long. Rigel oil is among the most known brand today due to the fine quality products!

Beautiful hair begins with us

Do you wonder why some people have that long, thick, and silky hair? Rigel Oil is pleased to inform you that the secret to dreamy hair is not just your good gene. Amla oil with loaded nutrients helps for making your hair grow faster and thicker than before.

 Say no to dull hair with our bio amla oil

Our Amla oil , enriched with antioxidants vitamin C and Omega 3, strengthens the hair from root to tip. It has now become an epitome of beauty for people across the globe.  Rigel herbal is the essence of excellence. From manufacturing pure Amla oil to locking all the essential nutrients inside, our amla oil has become essential for lustrous and shiny hair.

We are the paradigm of perfection.

From manufacturing Amla hair Oil to the packaging process, we always make sure to keep cleanliness our priority. Our amla oil containing the nutrients of Amla with the richness of vitamin C stands in the frontline to make your hair healthy, silky, and long. Apart from making your hair long, it smoothens your hair enough to make it tangled free. Rigel Oil:

  • Prevents premature greying.
  • Moisturises hair scalp.
  • Prevents hair from damage.

Amla hair Oil for thickness

Not all bio amla oils in the market are good enough to treat your hair and scalp entirely naturally. Our bio amla oil prevents hair breakage and eventually makes the hair thicker within four weeks!

Amla oil for grey hair

Our bio amla oil helps in delaying the loss of pigmentation. It not only delays the greying process but also improves the sign of aging on hair like brittle and thin hair. Apart from that, we provide amla oil for beard growth and enhancement that not only grow your beard but make it super-soft and shiny.

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