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Rigel Cactus Hair Oil 200ml


cactus hair oil is particularly beneficial for hair problems like hair fall, dandruff, dry scalp, and etc. Oils extracted from all types of plants are said to be good for hair, but Cactus oil is known explicitly for treating the hair fall problem.

Cactus oil smooths broken hair, heals split ends, promote hair growth and shiny hair. Most of the people these days use cactus hair for treating hair fall.

How does cactus oil for hair growth work?

Cactus hair oil contains high fatty acids, which are known to be excellent for reducing and preventing hair loss. There are some added vitamins and minerals in Cactus oil, which also help to promote healthier and shinier hair.

Essential vitamins and minerals present in Cactus oil help keeping hair fociles nutritious and healthy. The cactus plant itself uses these nutrients to sustain itself.

Cactus oil also contains a high concentration of vitamin B5. This vitamin particularly helps the plant store water for a longer period so, this vitamin can also promote hair retain moisture and valuable resources to keep hair nourished.

Cactus Hair oil and omega fatty acids

Cactus hair oil also contains omega fatty acid properties, a perfect compound for hair growth and development. This is the reason; Cactus oil is being widely used to treat hair fall. It contains a high concentration of omega fatty acids, which helps hair fociles to grow and ensures hair fociles must go through the cycle processes for hair growth.

Because it comes from a plant that thrives in harsh conditions, is probably very beneficial for hair because of its moisturizing quality.

It benefits you in the following ways:

  • Helps protect your skin, scalp, and hair against sun and UV radiations.
  • This oil is non-comedogenic, which means it will not annoy skin and hair.
  • This is colorant-free oil.
  • It soothes, calm dry scalp and itchy skin.

How does cactus controls hair fall?

Cactus hair oil generally does not possess any harmful chemicals like alcohol that infuse many hair care products. Harsh substances in hair products may make your hair dry and brittle.

Using cactus oil may avoid these dangers. Furthermore, it provides nourishing and moisturized scalp cleansed of dead skin just as do our other hair oils like Blackseed Hair Oil and Jojoba Hair Oil.

Multivitamin ingredient

Cactus Hair oil is also being used hair care multivitamins, which means, you are being benefited premium quality doses of the cactus extract. If you take Cactus oil as orally, your body will digest and then distribute high-level superfoods into your system and helps your hair provided with the much-needed nutrients for hair growth as quickly as possible.

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