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Rigel Castor Oil 30ml


The elite Castor Oil of Rigel herbal has been a known product for its ultra-fine and matchless quality for many years. Our Jamaican Castor Oil, in its fine thick texture, has been approved after passing certain hygiene measures.

Castor Oil for Hair

Rigel Herbal offers a Castor Oil in a yellow textured form containing all-natural abilities to cure the hair & skin issues, respectively. Caster Oil for Hair is a fantastic sensation for hair, leaving it super-soft by controlling dandruff and flakiness of scalp, ultimately leaving it shiny, healthy, and fast-growing. The constituents it endures with, when it comes into contact with hair scalp massage, regulates blood circulation, and relaxes your nerves making the immune system work more smoothly.

This natural Castor Oil possesses massively natural antibacterial & antioxidants properties which prevent infections on the skin. Our Castor Oil is extracted from castor seeds and preserved in Rigel Herbal laboratories by following the ISO standards. Our oil has been generating quick results to cure acne, eczema, pimples, and other skin-related issues.

Castor Oil for Eyelashes growth:

Castor Oil for eyelashes can be the best bet for the soothing and smoothening properties it holds. By naturally growing the eyelashes, it keeps them softer, longer, and thicker than ever. It does prevent the lashes from being broken, ultimately giving a charming eye with long and dense eyelashes.

The Most Prominent Benefits of Pure Castor Oil

The following are the most prominent benefits of Pure Castor Oil:

  • It helps to promote hair growth
  • It works as a conditioner on the hair
  • It helps amazingly in controlling the dandruff
  • It also helps in bringing extra shine to hair
  • It is proven that this oil brings the thickness & strengthens the hair from root to dip
  • The Rigel Herbal Pure Castor Oil helps in curing the itchy scalp
  • It helps in curing acne-prone skin & eczema
  • It helps in preventing wrinkles and age signs on the face
  • This Pure Castor Oil helps in removing moles & cysts
  • It brings the freshness and helps in getting rid of pimples signs
  • Rigel Herbal Pure Castor Oil stimulates the effectiveness of the immune system
  • It helps in boosting circulation and regulatory system
  • It is considered a proven natural remedy to relieve constipation
  • Rigel Herbal Pure Castor Oil helps in soothing the joints and bones pain
  • It helps in reducing the symptoms of arthritis
  • The gentle massage of this Pure Castor Oil soothes the muscles and relieves the backache

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