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Rigel Lemon Oil 30ml


From where does Lemon Oil come?

The round, pulpy, yellow-colored fruit, enriched with a high amount of vitamin C, is the source of Lemon Oil. The evergreen tree of lemon is about 6 meters tall with oval leaves of pink color and white flowers with high perfumed fragrance. Lemons, at one side, are used to overcoming vitamin deficiencies. On the other hand, its peel is used to extract the health-giving oil. The strong and fresh aroma benefits the environment as much as it makes your skin and hair healthy.

Uses of Lemon Essential Oil

From brightened the households to healthy and glowing skin, not a single thing is there that Lemon Essential Oil cannot perform. When the kitchen smells like a rotten egg due to post-dinner leftovers, you can use Lemon Oil. When the residue of annoying sticker left stick over the car window, you can use defy it with lemon oil. So this favorite young living is your new friend to overcome your problems.

Acts as a pain reliever:

This oil is sometimes used in aromatherapy and is treated as an analgesic. It prepares the body to interpret pain without panicking with the anti-stress and anti-depressant properties it holds.

Feel alert and concentrated:

The sharp, fresh aroma of Lemon Oil makes a person alert and attentive. The boosting power of this oil helps to enhance a person’s mood who is feeling down. Furthermore, it helps treat Alzheimer’s disease.

Use a lemon diffuser to treat sore throat:

Try setting a diffuser with Lemon Oil at night, if you have a sore throat. The abundant amount of Vitamin C acts as antioxidants that help relax sore throat and brain.


Lemon Oil For Skin

It is miraculous oil for skin due to the antioxidants and nutrients it holds inside. With the reputation to be a potent antimicrobial agent, it boosts the mood and health and is also very useful in enhancing the quality of the skin.

Treat your acne:

Lemon Essential Oil contains astringent and antimicrobial properties due to which it is one of the most useful essentials to treat acne-prone skin. Astringents found in this particular oil is used to get rid of dead skin cells and clog pores.

Mix each drop of Lemon Essential Oil with few drops of any other essential oil like Jojoba Oil or Almond Oil. Apply with a cotton bud or ball on the area that is affected and leave on for 2 to 5 minutes. Rinse it off and tap dry your face.

Promote wound healing

For skin proves to be very useful in healing wounds. Packed with vitamin C, antimicrobial properties, and antioxidants, it contains, promotes fast healing of tissues. Cleanse the affected area with a small amount of Lemon Oil to discourage infection.

Is Citrus Essential Oil Good for you?

Using Citrus Essential Oil for external purposes and in aromatherapy is a perfect fit. Just make sure to use it with any non-corrosive and non-concentrated oil as this oil is highly concentrated. However, it can cause some problems. If any of these occurs, stop using the oil.

  • This highly concentrated Oil is so much powerful that it can irritate your skin.
  • It can irritate the eyes badly, so avoid that sensitive area near the eyes.
  • Citrus Essential Oil can increase the sensitivity of your skin, making it more prone to sunburn. So never apply it before leaving home in midday.

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