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Rigel Mustard Oil 250ml

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Mustard oil also, called “sarso oil” is produced from the mustard plant. It’s a prevalent ingredient known for its pungent aroma, strong flavor, and high smoke point.

Mustard oil, a type of essential oil, is produced from mustard seeds, using a steam distillation process-Mustard Oil with all of its outstanding benefits to our Hair and Skin. Mustard Oil has been in use in Subcontinent for ages due to its multi-functional characteristics focusing on culinary or cooking and hair growth.

Mustard Oil, aka sarso oil, has the strong curing abilities to fight against cancer & cardiovascular diseases, rashes & infections, premature graying, dandruff & itchy scalp, and most importantly it is a proven fact that this Mustard Oil is a way far better than other cooking oils.

How mustard oil is beneficial?

Here are some of the benefits of using mustard oil in daily routine;

  • Alleviate pain

The use of mustard oil alleviates the pain. It contains allyl isothiocyanate, which is a chemical compound for pain receptors in the body.

Mustard oil also contains alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). It is a type of omega-3 fatty acid to decrease inflammation and relieve body pain.

  • Fight against cancer

Mustard oil also helps reduce the spread and growth of specific cancer cells.

It has been found that allyl isothiocyanate in mustard essential oil to eliminate and control the spread of bladder cancer cells.

  • Reduces inflammation

Mustard oil has also been used to relieve symptoms of arthritis, discomfort, and reduces inflammation.

  • Treat cold symptoms

Mustard oil is also being used as a natural remedy to treat cold symptoms like coughing and congestion.


Use mustard oil for skin

Pure mustard oil for skin can also be applied topically to optimize your skin health.

It can also be used as your usual homemade face mask for skin treatment.

You can also mix mustard oil for skin with gel and apply it to your feet to heal cracked heels.


Does mustard oil for cooking benefit health?

Mustard oil has both therapeutic and culinary uses as well and has low fats. Mustard oil for cooking adds a new taste to your food but cures so many diseases like join, heart, muscles, etc.

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