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Rigel Olive Hair Oil 200ml

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Rigel oil is the best olive oil supplier. We are proud and happy to produce natural and freshly extracted Olive Oil for hair growth. Our team gives extra care to the whole extraction process, from tending the orchard to the bottling process. We always focus on the quality, nature, and preservation of our oils.

The increasing trend of olive oil:

With the countless benefits, olive hair oil has been growing famous around the world fastly. This oil is mainly a fat obtained from crushing a fruit named olives. It gives some specific nutrients to dry, dull and brittle hair.


 The vital nutrients of our olive hair oil

Our certified olive hair oil is 100 % cold-pressed to preserve the highest levels of antioxidants and nutrients. We feel privileged in producing fine quality olive oil for hair with sustainable methods of harvesting the olives and excellent care in blending. We are proud to offer such natural olive oil with the blend of essential nutrients that are going to make your hair super-shiny and soft.

Your dream hair is our only goal!


Using Rigel’s olive oil for hair growth is like starting with the refreshing and energizing potions. Despite your fingerprints, all unique, the hair type of each person is also impressive. But the goal of every person is to have a soft, nourished, and healthy mane. Our Olive hair oil for hair growth is so enriched with antioxidants, that it can repair your hair as soft as brand new strands!


 Benefits of Rigel’s best olive oil

Olives are packed with several health benefits, it also acts as a fast-acting remedy for skin and hair. Loaded with numerous nutrients, our exclusive olive oil for hair makes the protein locked inside your strands and nurtures your scalp.


Glorify your hair with olive oil benefits for hair growth

Purchasing expensive products for hair and then regret has become so common today. Due to the changing environmental factors like humidity and smog, hair gives dry textured and becomes brittle. Our fresh Olive oil for hair enriched with vitamin A and vitamin E helps in the blood circulation of the scalp and promotes hydration.

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