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Rigel Tea Tree Oil 30ml


Tea Tree Oil serves a perfect fit!

Tea Tree Oil, known as melaleuca oil too, is an essential oil distilled from an Australian plant leaves, is the limelight to treat various skin and hair diseases. The multipurpose oil treats severe skin problems like acne and hair problems like dandruff and scalp flakiness. This oil, full of miracles oil, is inexpensive and is within reach of every person. It also spreads a charming fragrance to come over the underarm and feet odor though most properties deal with skin issues. Rigel Herbal Tea Tree Oil has been producing beautiful results overall since it has been launched. This Tree Oil is also an anti-inflammatory remedy to cure chicken pocks, cuts & infections, cold sores, athlete’s foot issues, etc.

Tea tree oil is sturdy than trashy bacteria

It contains some specific constituents to kill creepy bacteria and treat hair and skin health problems as well.

  • It contains enough number of compounds like terpinene-4-ol, instrumental in killing harmful bacteria.
  • Tea Tree oil is an undiluted oil that is specially designed for skin
  • Terpinene -4-ol increase the white blood cells, eventually resulting in fighting better with germs and other invaders and act as a remedy to treat bacterial and fungal infections of the skin.

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