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Metromilan Fruit Batti



Nature has endowed each fruit with its very own colour, texture and taste. Beyond that, it creates a silent aura around itself of flavour and fragrance peculiar to it alone. Without touching, you could smell a melon with closed eyes. The pleasantly appetizing scent of fruit draws you closer. It stimulates, tantalizes, tickles your spirit and appeals to the senses.


Metromilan Fruit Batti, brings you a set of each, the best-of-pick popular fruits of the world – Cherry, Mango, Melon, Peach, Pineapple and Strawberry. Individual incense sticks softly disperse the special aroma of the particular fruit that ideally complement dining areas, eateries, gourmet and restaurants.

Then we have Metromilan Mix Fruit Batti too, which represents a basketful of fruity sensation, the inviting exuberance of fresh fruit flavours.


CHERRY is unique in its place in fruit arena. In personality, it has very little to show; doesn’t score high on the scale of fruit world. In spite of apparent shortcoming, Cherry paradoxically is a proverbial ‘cherry on the cake’. As if it is the crowning glory!
Cherry has weaved itself even into the decorative elements representing religious/cultural festivities of a large community of the western world. In our Metromilan Cherry incense sticks we pick up cherry’s rare aromatic flavour to revitalize your senses with the natural fruity freshness.


MANGO to many, is the ‘king of fruits’ and comes in an infinite variety of luxurious and wholesome taste. The one aspect that stands supreme is mango’s strong, masculine aroma. It remains powerful and, at the same time, gentle and mellow.
Metromilan, most successfully, imbibed the sweetness of mango that stands on its own as a true regent among the range of incensed sticks.


Smooth-skinned MELON with very sweet greenish/yellowish flesh is in the frontline of favoured appetizer preferred before meals. It also plays an important role in desserts and fruit cocktails. The appetizing appeal of melon lies in its strong scented flavour that instantly fills the air around as does the Metromilan ‘melon’ batti - a true reflection of the essence of the melon fruit.


PEACH belongs to the rose family of plants like melon and strawberry. With highly flavoured sweep pulp, peach stands as a hot favourite across the world. The concept of great tasting juicy goodness comes alive at the first bite. The richness of peach carried into the air is captured into every incense stick of Metromilan Peach – for you to experience the real fruit pleasure through the burst of enveloping aromatic vapours.


PINEAPPLE – a juicy, sunny-side tropical fruit, with many eyes on the outside, sheltering inside a heart of gold and flowing juice. From a fantasy of crispy delight, emanates a subtle flavour captured in a Metromilan Pineapple batti.


STRAWBERRY is a sheer delight, whether one has it in ice cream with a hint of vanilla, in a shake or cocktail, or simply in eating it raw. Juicy, pulpy and sweet, a wisp sour, makes strawberry among the best-loved fruit around the world…In a Metromilan Strawberry incense stick, the mellow flavour lingers around for you to enjoy.


MIXED FRUIT Metromilan batti is a fabulous cocktail, a fluent combination of delightfully refreshing flavours of popular fruits. Light it up and enjoy the wafts of different fruits coming through an invisible rainbow in the air, creating harmony for your mind and spirit.


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