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Metromilan Three in One



Life is full of heart-to-heart images of close relationships and bonding friendships. The clasping hands, a warm embrace, sharing of secrets with someone special and the blessings of companionships are all symbolic of love and intimacy.
Lighting up of Metromilan Intimate unveils a kaleidoscope of happy moments, comforting thoughts and soothing emotions.


The feel of hard blowing wind, the humming sound of a waterfall, long, rapid strides of a graceful panther, the charge of wild horses, rhythmic leaps of a dear in open fields are expressions of bursting energy. 
Metromilan Chariot, as if soft waves of energy are dispersed into the atmosphere, stimulating positive vibes around you.


The dance of lilies in the morning breeze, the flutter of delicate butterflies in sunshine, expanding ripples in a placid lake and the incessant ringing of bells fill your mindscape with pleasant thoughts and a broad smile emerges across your face.
You get into the same frame of mind into the twirling smoke from Metromilan Lily as it spreads a light and pleasant fragrance around, subtly touching the chords of mind for you to enjoy.

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