It is our promise at Goldfayre to develop and produce a range of branded, fast moving consumer goods which continually exceed expectations in quality, price and performance for the consumer in the global marketplace.

Powerful in-store marketing independently tested and approved to be amongst the best products available on the market. Copies of tests and indeed certificates are readily available at request.

The company is run by dynamic and professionally qualified Directors with notable back ground filled with a wealth of experience. Furthermore the company benefits from intelligent, revolutionary sales executives who are very keen to further improve the range, the quality of the food products and presentation.

Quality Management
Our quality management system is based on three fundamentalprinciples: Rigorous Selection of the suppliers of raw material and packaging Traceability of products upstream and downstream Quality control during and following production Quality Management and Control remain a crucial element in our company success, past, present and future... In addition to working only with ISO accredited factories, We are inextricably committed to achieving customer satisfaction, in order to maintain our stringent levels of high quality.

Our current sales network spans the entire of U.K. and we have developed an exceptional reputation within our sector.

Sales executives are trained to have substantial insight into the needs of both customers and consumers alike. Our priority is to achieve customer satisfaction and educate and inform clients of our well known brands.

Our sales team have access to the most current customer information at the push of a button. Reports, details, buying trends, purchase history and account credit information is instantly available. Goldfayre understands the need to constantly invest into advancing technology in order to remain at the forefront of the market and to providing an unrivalled and informed service to its highly respected clients.

Both sales and marketing work in unison to effectively market our products through communications, by working closely together the marketing team are able to absorb customer feedback on a daily basis to help strengthen market strategies and continue to develop and market products aimed at total customer and consumer satisfaction.